Security and availability are the central requirements in our high-performance computing centers. Our data centers have voluntarily committed themselves to the highest standards of data protection and security – in addition to the strict legal requirements that apply in Germany. In our data centers, data is stored as securely as in a safe.


The security and availability of your data is confirmed by the independent TÜV certification according

to DIN ISO 27001, which also includes numerous security measures in the IT infrastructure itself, in secondary technology and in the process chain. Since 2004, our data centers have been certified annually according to ISO 27001. Normally, only companies with critical databases such as banks and insurance companies can be certified according to ISO 27001.

Hosted in Germany

With us you can be sure that your data is not stored on any

server abroad. Your data is stored exclusively in our two high-security data centers in Germany. Thus, they are protected by the German Data Protection Act – one of the strictest in the world.